Benefits of a Workout Partner

Benefits of a Workout Slave Driver Partner
Who could resist that smile?

Did you know that having someone to work out with helps you burn more calories. Yep. It's true I read it somewhere. 

Mrs. Priss & I have been meeting at the gym when our schedules allow. It has helped by making us: 

1. More Accountable
It's easy to skip the gym if you're going solo. Having a Mrs. P as my workout partner makes me stick to a workout routine because if I even try to deviate from the set schedule she will kill me. This leads to more workouts and more calories burned.

2. Longer Workouts
When you have someone to  vent with talk with time flies! When working out with Mrs. Priss, we always talk a lot, which means longer work out and therefore we burn more calories.

3. Friendly Competition
There's really nothing friendly about competing with Mrs. P. I try to tell myself if she can do it, so can I! It rarely works that way. Competition is that little extra push that you'd get from a personal trainer. Who needs a personal trainer when you have Priss? 
We recently had a health assessment & of course we made it into a "friendly competition".

She won on looks. Check out my hair?!

She won on push-ups. 

And I'm not even gonna discuss stats.

Our trainer, Zach Rohring,  was a great sport!
Zach's won all sorts of competitions. 
He's accredited with  a few national certifications.
Tweet him @TrainerZack 
He's knowledgeable & funny. 

I won't say exercise excites me at all. I will say I'm working on my fitness inspirations & working on overall lifestyle improvements.
So grab a sadomasochist workout buddy & go sweat together. You'll be happy you did. Who knows, maybe your workout buddies can get together with our workout buddies & we can all do a local run this year. 

I like this Pinterest idea, but don't tell Mrs. Priss or she'll make me do it.
Put one dollar in the jar everytime you work out. 
When you reach a goal, treat yourself with a new outfit {or an awesome, fattening dinner at your favorite mexican joint}...just saying.

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xoxo ~
Mrs. Montgomery
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