Meeting with the Thunder

I hope you aren't really disappointed in this post. I'm going to tell you up front the Thunder weren't actually lucky enough to have a meeting with the RHOK. Miami is a little far for us to go for our monthly powwow. And of course I mean Mi-am-ee not Mi-am-uh. Just to clarify.

We ladies gathered instead to meet and plan fabulous things for y'all whilst watching the Thunder. At Applebee's.  See, we're serious multi-taskers. Plus we thought it might be pretty lively and fun. It wasn't so much, except for us.

We indulged in some drinks & "snacks". Mine was the prettiest.

The skinny margarita
The prettiest
We talked all about our upcoming jaunt to Midnight Rodeo- next Thursday. And threw around some other ideas for the fall. Stay tuned for those folks!

It's unfortunate the Thunder didn't win for us. I mean, the nerve.

We'll be cheering them on tonight like the RHOKstars we are though!

Mrs. Sinclair,
Thundering up!

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