Patriotic Style the Crafty Way

With only 10 days until our country's 236th birthday, I thought it would be fun to give our readers a few ideas to get their crafty style poppin'! I personally like the RW&B year round, but these items will go an extra mile this year as we support Team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics- I can't wait to see what the designers are pulling out for us there! 

I made this shirt for my daughter last year courtesy of Make it and Love it! It has been a huge hit and she can still wear it this year!

Patriotic Beaded FlipFlops anyone? 
Most of you know that I make these like crazy! What started out as a football fundraiser for my son, has now become a popular gift item, raffle item and just all around favorite among sport moms! A few of our RHOK readers have even received a pair at our RHOK Outs.

For a little patriotic style around the home, or even a hostess gift you could make a patriotic Wordle like this one to frame.

And finally I will show you what my daughter and I will be sporting this year for the 4th! I think I saw this idea on Pinterest, but never pinned it so I can't give it credit to anyone in particular. Besides at less that $8 for both shirts, the rick rack, ribbon and some Liquid Stitch that I already had on hand this was the easiest style maker ever! 
(I'm still not 100% sure about the bow on mine though, but for one day I guess I can bow out.)

What will you we wearing and doing to get your Boom Boom Pow on?
 Hope I gave you a few ideas, if you notice I didn't even touch on all the food.

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
Getting my Crafty Patriotic Style on like

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