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Mrs. Albright here again. It's that time once more that I share with you my journey with getting healthier. Let me just say, it's a day-by-day process. I had a couple of days over the weekend that I just threw caution to the wind, so to speak, and ate and drank what I wanted. Did you know 3 margaritas is about 30 points? That's one point more than I get for my daily points. Ouch! Thank goodness for those extra weekly points AND activity points. 

I'll admit, it's pretty easy to become obsessed with the points on the Weight Watchers Points Plus. I tend to have a bit of an obsessive personality anyway. I'm sure I'm driving a few (or more) folks a little crazy on my Facebook page, and maybe even in person, with all my counting of points. However, I have heard from a few people that my posts have been encouraging to them to become healthier. I love that! I like posting about it because, to me, it helps me stay accountable when I put myself so out there. I mean, wouldn't it be embarassing to run into people, in person, and not look a little better? 

Last week I did really, really well at my Weight Watchers' weigh-in. I lost 4.4 pounds for a total of 16.2 pounds lost. Whoop! It made up for my gain the week before. I am seriously fighting my blood pressure medication. That is the only explanation for the gain the week before as I stayed under my points and had a lot of activity points. My Facebook friends told me to try eating more. What you say?! Yes, they told me I wasn't eating enough calories. I thought, what the heck! I ate more and I lost more. Whoop (again)! I'm all about eating a little more. I'm very close to hitting my 20% mark. I just need to lose 4 more pounds. I'm crossing my fingers that when I weigh in tomorrow I will have lost at least 1-2 pounds. I weighed at home tonight and I'm not sure it's going to happen. I'm hoping I sleep off a pound or three tonight. =) 

I want to share with you a very easy and healthy recipe. I've made it twice in one week. LOVE IT! I grew up eating cucumbers and onions in vinegar. My grandmother had it on the table and many of meals. She had a huge garden and we always had fresh veggies. I miss her and her garden. Anyway, I hadn't ever made this myself until this week. I saw a recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. The first time it was good, but the second time it was even better. The recipe I used first called for a 1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar and a 1/2 cup of sugar. It also called for fresh parsley. Although none of it went to waste, I was pretty sure I would like it better without the parsley and with less sugar. 

2 large cucumbers - cubed
1 pint grape tomatoes - sliced in half
1/4 of a red onion - sliced
1/4 -1/2 cup rice vinegar ( I ran out of rice vinegar at 1/4 c. so I used apple cider vinegar to finish.) 
2-3 packets of Truvia

Combine all the ingredients and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Oh, my! It's so delicious! 

I mentioned in my previous posts that I have been doing an Ease into 5K. I'm still doing it, but I'm behind by a week and a half. I think I'm having a mental block as I know this next run is supposed to be 20 minutes without walking. HELLO! I'm skeered! But since I've missed over a week, I am going to re-run week 6 days 1 and 2 before I throw myself into the 20 minute run. Because I'm a wimp when it comes to 100+ degrees, I have been running on a treadmill. I sort of like running on the treadmill - in the air-conditioning. 

Even though I haven't ran in a week in a half, I have still been exercising. I've done lots of interval type workouts and some Pilates. I even did a class where I nicknamed the instructor, El Diablo. Oh. My. Gosh. My abs and gluts have hurt for three days. 

Do you hate crunches as much as I do? If so, here's a great exercise you can do with a stability ball that will really target those abs and help strengthen your lower back. If you really want to take it up a notch, while in this position, roll that ball out in front of you and then roll it back. Wowsers! How do I know it works? I just did this in Pilates and my abs are telling me it works! 

Have a new healthy recipe or weight-loss tip you'd like to share? What about a favorite website you use for recipes or motivation? If I burned calories "pinning" healthy recipes and exercise motivation, I would have lost enough weight by now to be a Weight Watchers' Lifetime Member by now. Feel free to follow my Pinterest boards - Dawn's Diversions.  

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~Mrs. Albright
Whittling my waist a pound at a time, like a.... 

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