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It's time to hear from the resident wanna-lose-weight-and-be-skinny-housewife again. I wrote about counting points on Weight Watchers and shared an awesome weight loss app last time. Today I'm going to tell you about a FREE fitness site I've come across. 

I am still doing the Ease into 5K app and doing pretty well with it. I'm running 6 minutes straight now. It's hard. I really don't like running. But.I'm.Doing.It. I think this week it will be pushing me to run 15 minutes straight. Lord, have mercy! If you never hear from me again on The RHOK, you'll know why - I died. 

The thing with running/walking is,  you can't rely on that to be your only form of exercise. It doesn't tone the whole body. I don't know about you, but I need my whole body toned. I want my whole body toned. 

“Being Overweight Is Hard, Losing Weight Is

 Hard. Choose Your Hard.” -Author Unknown

I can't always make it to classes at our local YMCA so I've been supplementing with at-home workouts. I've found a great site to help me out. It's called Fitness Blender. I just turn on our Apple TV and go to You Tube and look for the videos. If you don't have You Tube capability on your TV, you can set up your computer and watch it that way. There are videos to work just about everything you'd want to work. 

I am on my fifth week with Weight Watchers. It's going well. Sure, I'd like for the weight to come off a little quicker, but I'm trying to remind myself that it didn't all come on overnight and it's certainly not going to all come off overnight. Here's my weight loss for the past month. Not too shabby, eh?  I'm a little more concerned about weigh-in for this week. We went out Friday night and I consumed a few drinks and had fish tacos along with some chips and salsa. I'm buckling down the rest of the week.

I want to leave you with a recipe that my sweet friend, Nicolle, has shared on her blog Boyd's Crazy Mama  several times. It always looks so delicious so I finally tried it. 

Spicy Green Beans

1 bag frozen (or you can use fresh) extra fine green beans
Minced garlic (the kind in a jar works great)
Chili Sauce (the kind you find in the Asian section)
Soy Sauce (I used Lite soy sauce)
Salt to taste
Olive oil

Pour a little olive oil on the green beans
Cook for about 6-8 minutes
Add a big spoonful of garlic
Add 1 Tbsp (more if you want spicier) chili sauce
1/4 cup (or little more, if you want) soy sauce
salt to taste
Continue to cook for another 7-9 minutes. 

This turns out to be 4 points plus because of the olive oil. 
I noticed that Nicolle adds garlic salt. I forgot and 
it turned turned out great. I even made it for a friend and 
her family. They loved it as well. 

Are you working towards being healthier? How's it going? 

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~Mrs. Albright
Choosing my hard, like..... 

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