You see this sweet couple right here?

Every year they go to the Osage County Cattleman's Association BBQ & Dance. Dave's parents have a ranch in Osage County. They were kind enough to invite our whole group of friends and families to attend with them. The food was good and the music was great! The band played lots of good, OLD country music. Kids danced. Parents danced. Kids and parents danced together. Did I mention we did a little dancing?! 

My hubs and me doin' a little two-steppin'! 

Mrs. Montgomery's hubby danced with his daughters.
My daughter and friend managed to dance with a little cowboy.
And, Mrs. M's oldest son ran into a friend in Osage County. What are they chances?! 

Here's a little clip of my sweet husband dancing with our youngest daughter. I wish you could see the huge smile on her face. She LOVED dancing with daddy. 

My daughter along with Mrs. Montgomery's daughter and their new friend who wears spurs on her boots. Yes, they now want boots WITH spurs. We'll work on that for next year! 

Mrs. Montgomery captured this shot of a good-looking little cowpoke asking me to dance. 
He even wears cologne. I know because he let me sniff him. His grandma says he likes older women. Bless his little cowboy heart. *giggle* 

Do you know what was the icing on the cake, so to speak, of a very fun evening? Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, was there. Yep, their ranch is in Osage County. It was neat sitting at the table next to them and super special seeing her dancing with her boys. No, I didn't engage in conversation with her although I'm sure she would have. Plus, Mrs. Montgomery kept telling me to have some self-control.  The only time I talked to her was at dinner when we gave our table to some friends of theirs since we were finished eating. I really, really wanted to talk to her though. I just know we'd be BFF's if we could have hung out together. She was fun. I think I'm fun. She has kids. I have kids. She has a Marlboro man who wears Wranglers and I have a well, a good-looking man who wears shorts and tennis shoes. I'm sure she has nothing against shorts and tennis shoes. We will work on the Wrangler butt and boots for next year. I just know that next year I'll be brazen enough to go ask her to dance. Too much?! 

You see this good-looking kid? He's my friend Dana's son. We love him. He's a good kid.
Do you see what I see in the background though? Yep, that's PW cuttin' the rug with her boy. 
That's about as paparazzi as we got. We let the celebrities in Oklahoma have a little peace with their families. We're cool like that. This year. Next year I'm askin' her to dance. 

~Mrs. Albright
Admitting that Wrangler butts drive me nuts, like.....

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