A Housewife's Itty Bitty Road Rage Confession

My little girl has constantly been making me tell everyone what a male driver did to me last Friday. This is the best looking picture I can find, because honestly not many men do this from pickup trucks. Thankfully she didn't notice the the sign language he tried to teach my children also as I passed him.

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Why did I get a kiss blown at me? Not because I was looking hot. But because I honked, okay laid into my horn at this guy as he put on his brakes on HWY 51 in front of me and stopped on a four lane divided hi-way while emergency vehicles were approaching the opposite direction. I was going the speed limit and nearly lost control of my car. I was HOT at that particular point. We, the man in the pickup and I were already in the farthest right lane and there was no reason to pull over or stop. I even downloaded the free app from to when I got home to make sure I was right, drivers ed was just a few years ago. Okay, 23, but who is counting? See, here is the rule. Okay, so maybe I was wrong according to what I found. But seriously, did he have to stop in front of me like that? Can someone pleaaaasee tell me I am right? I did receive verbal verification that I am correct from several family members, including one Tulsa Firefighter. Anyone else?

Maybe I have a wee bit of a problem.

(And the church parking lot. Yes lady, I saw you raise your hallelujah hand at my husband!)

Come on. I know I am not the only person out there that has made a driving error and blamed someone else.  I know I am not the only person that knows how to use the horn on the car at something other than honking at a buzzard after roadkill, a good looking guy, or getting your kids to hurry out of the house.  Time to 'fess up Housewives, tell me about an "allergic reaction" you have had to road idiots!!! 

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P.S. The illustrations used above are not necessarily things I have done. Maybe just thought. Or perhaps you have.

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