My name is Mrs. Montgomery & I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

I have cut my 45 - 64 oz. a day habit to 
12 oz per day over the past two weeks.
Yes I said 45 - 64 oz.
Think about it.
In the morning you stop at your favorite drive-in & purchase a $1 large drink.
That is 32 oz in one sitting.
In the afternoon you stop at your other favorite happy hour drive in for 
your 1/2 priced large drink.
That is another 32 oz in one sitting.
Who knew "happy hour" would mean 32 oz of ice cold diet coke.

I was happy in my addiction.
I really didn't see any heath issues.
Until the past two months.
Don't get me wrong.
I have read all the articles.
Watched all the social media videos.
Listened to Dr. Oz & my chiropractor tell me it's toxic.
I realize my body has been paying the price all along.
I just didn't "feel" it until recently.

I'm not a druggy.
I don't even do pharmaceuticals.
If I have a headache I try not to pop an aspirin.
But trust the doctors when they tell you quitting 
Diet Coke is like quitting heroin.
"Another distinguishing feature of substance dependence -- whether it's to caffeine, nicotine, or hard drugs like heroin -- is the painful withdrawal symptoms that occur if a person tries to quit cold turkey. Although it's difficult to pinpoint whether aspartame, caffeine, or some combination of ingredients is responsible, people who cut back on diet soda report symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and irritability -- a feeling that Diet Coke addicts know well." - CNN Health Report

Kids listen to me when I say don't do Diet Coke.
Don't try it, not even once.
It's not worth it.
Diet Coke is the Housewives Crack.
I'm working on kicking my habit all together.

Are you addicted to Diet Coke?
Have you tried to quit?
Share your story.
They say that's part of the 12 step recovery.
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Mrs. Montgomery
Kickin' my Habit without Rehab like...

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