Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

What if your parents dropped you off at camp and didn't show up when it was time to go home?
Yeah, that happened.

Last year, Michael went to overnight camp for the first time.  I was paranoid that I would get the date wrong to pick him up.  I checked once, then twice, then a third time for good measure.  I was super paranoid.  It was so bad that I made myself quit checking after that original email from the camp.  I was trying not to feed that OCD side of me.

Doc and I were at the gym when I got the call.

Counselor: "Um... are you almost here to get Michael?"
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Counselor: "We just finished closing ceremonies.  He is ready to go home."
Me: "I'm in Tulsa."
Counselor: "           "
(That's silence.)

This camp is almost three hours from our home.
The Doc and I took our sweaty selves to the car and drove at the speed of light.
I cried the whole way.

Worst parenting moment to date.
I sincerely hope I cannot top that.

I have spent the last year trying to forgive myself for that blunder. Michael acted like it was no big deal.  He sweetly told me, "It's okay!"  What a guy.

We drove Michael to camp on Sunday.  Camp Barnabas is amazing.  They provide a summer camp experience for children with special needs and/or chronic illness.  Michael only had three concerns.

  1. Air Conditioning - Last year's campsite didn't have it and it was hot, hot, hot.
  2. Scabies - He doesn't intend to bring home any new friends burrowed in his skin.
  3. Going Home - He keeps telling me not to forget him.  I keep emphasizing that I didn't actually forget him.

The irony is that when we showed up to drop Michael off at camp, we were given a paper with the wrong date on it for closing ceremonies.  I'm not joking.  It said June 21st.  We dropped him off on July 15th.
I no longer doubt my sanity and calendar keeping ability.

We're looking forward to seeing those closing ceremonies this year.
Whenever they are.

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