How do you clean?

I'm watching hoarders while remembering that it's my day to post.

I watch this show to remind me my house is seriously fine comparatively. I mean you can't touch the ceiling from climbing upon stuff.

This has me thinking about cleaning routine. Are you a clean as you see it ? Or are you a scheduler? Or do you pay for a cleaning lady and clean too. There are all kinds of people- I'm just taking a poll.

Personally I am thinking of coming a scheduler. I've been an at random for ever. There are somethings I cannot stand, and it must be fixed pronto....like dirty counters & crap on the floor. But other things I could leave for months like the dishwasher to be emptied.

Is there a favorite cleaning tip or website you'd like to mention? I'm thinking of making a chart, and also making my kids in charge of a lot more. Share your ideas!

Mrs. Sinclair,
who wants to declutter

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