One Step Away From an Episode of Hoarders...Or so she says!

A month or so ago the housewives were texting back and forth. I don't know what started the conversation, all I know is I sent a picture of one of my many disorganized cabinets. It was this cabinet to be exact. 

Little did I know sending this picture would cause one of the housewives to panic and lose sleep. Yes, it stresses me out. Yes, I'm a little embarrassed when someone is over and I HAVE to open that particular cabinet to get a plastic cup or medicine or a spice. But, I didn't dream it would cause Priss such worry. Now that I know this, I will be texting her pictures of all my cabinets and closets.

Last Monday Priss called me to see what I was doing on Thursday and I informed her I had a friend from Texas coming over for the day. She then told me she was coming over Friday and we were going to go eat breakfast and then she was going to help me organize my cabinet. Who actually calls and wants to come help you organize?!? You see, Priss is an OCD, Type A lady. She's good at this organization stuff. 

Bless her heart. 

We ate a wonderful breakfast at Mom's Diner at German Corner and then we headed to my house where I preceded to open my cabinet. She said and I quote, "Holy S$*t!" If she had her inhaler on her I'm sure she would have started puffing. I think seeing it in person caused a minor panic attack. It didn't stop her. She started pulling stuff out of the cabinet. She kept pulling stuff out of the cabinet. All of my counters and bar were covered when she was done. My job was to go through all the medicine and get rid of the expired ones and then organize them. 

Priss then started asking if I had a shelf somewhere that we could make an "over-flow" shelf. I laughed. She looked in my so-called pantry.... every shelf looked like an overflow shelf. Then she wanted to look at the cabinets in my utility room. I laughed again. This is when she may or may not have had another minor panic attack. If I didn't laugh, I might cry. I seriously NEED more storage in my house. There's just not enough room for everything. You know what that means? It means I'm having to get rid of stuff. Honestly, it's okay by me. I've been wanting to really purge here for a long time. 

We honestly had fun cleaning my cabinets (right, Mrs. Priss?!). It may not look like it by the above picture, but I assure you, we had MANY laughs at my expense. I'm not too proud. :-) 

Now for the after pictures. Be prepared to be wowed. Every time I open a cabinet door, I am wowed! Not only did she organize this cabinet, she also organized the one over the stove, the one under the stove AND the pantry! I now have an overflow shelf! *Squeal* 

Notice my spices all organized in a caddy. Our medicine is divided by the people in our family and pain type pills and the cold/allergy pills that aren't used often are now in a different location. 

And, now for the pantry pictures.

I seriously say, on almost a daily occasion, how much I despise this pantry. It was so packed full that I never knew what I had. As a matter-of-fact, we got many laughs over how much salt and sugar I had. We had to throw away FIVE bags of trash, most of it expired food. SO SAD. 

I love, LOVE this girl. She's not only fun to vacation in Vegas with, but she is fun cleaning cabinets with as well. Thank you, Priss, from the bottom of my messy cabinets.

Priss and Me 

Here are couple of cards she managed to send me within an HOUR of leaving my house. 

Oh, by the way Priss, here's you a new picture.... a cabinet in my utility room. Just want to be sure and keep you motivated. *LAUGHING* 

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~Mrs. Albright
Working hard to keep things organized, like.... 

P.S.  I feel the need to let everyone know that my cabinets and closet do not reflect my whole house. It's actually clean. Whew! There. I feel better. 

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