A Real Redneck Request

I'm going to just tell you right now we get some doozie emails. Folks request, wonder if, and would like us to do a variety of things via The RHOK.

Most of the time as a courtesy to you, we ignore them. Or, you know, politely decline.

But when this one came last week, we knew we had to pass along the request. Plus, unless I'm mistaken this might be our first dabble in the reality show realm.

CMT (yip. COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION) contacted us because they thought we just might know (or be) someone they are looking for this little redneck project. (Apparently we are very entertaining, and I hope that's not just what they tell all the housewives.) Alas, whilst all us housewives do have some unbelievably awesome redneck family we could totally flabbergast you with stories about, none of us are or know anyone exactly what they are looking for. Since we aren't what they need, we thought some of you may be, or may know someone who is!

Here's what I'm talking about y'all, and I quote:


· Do you have a family member who is embarrassed of his or her “redneck roots?”

· Have they lost their backwoods charm because of the demands of the big city?

· Have they traded in their camouflage gear for a suit and tie?

· Would you like to reconnect with your distant family member and have them come home for a SURPRISE fun-filled redneck family reunion?

The producers of CMT’s My Big Redneck Wedding and My Big Redneck Vacation bring you an exciting new show, Redneck Intervention. Tom Arnold will reunite your family with a big-city relative for a family reunion they’ll NEVER forget!
If you’re an outgoing, proud, All-American redneck family then we want to hear from you!
Apply online at: http://thecastingfirm.com/redneck-intervention/
Or email: castings@thecastingfirm.com
Write “REDNECK” in the subject line, and let us know why you’d make great TV! Include YOUR NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, and PHOTOS of your family.

*** All participants must be legal US residents. To find out more about the Casting Firm visit:www.TheCastingFirm.com

Now y'all go forth, find yer folks, and sign 'em up!

Mrs. Sinclair,
A RHOK star
channeling her redneck
(which her daughter thinks means one literally has red on their neck, and wonders why they just don't wash it off in the shower! And, well, yes I did reply you cannot actually wash off redneck. You may think it's gone, but it always shows back up when you least expect it)

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