The Tar-Jay Visit

My Moma is visiting for a week. We went to Tar-Jay on Saturday- Target for those of you who aren't familiar with that fancy French pronunciation. One of those rare shopping occasions when my husband has a Saturday off and actually went with us. Probably not by choice, his or mine that I had to take along the entire family to make a stop at one of my favorite looking stores. My kids have a few favorite shopping phrases.

 "Can I have?"
 " I want."
"I need."
 "Can we get?" 

All proceed with Moma and followed with please of course, and you can only imagine what happens when Nana is around.
Finally we made it out with a few clearance items, popcorn kernels and milk, and I'm sure another hundred dollars or so. I had already made a resolution not to EVER take everyone again. Tar-Jay is a me shopping trip only. Especially after running across these two videos on my phone that my daughter shot during our excursion.

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
who will now vacation by herself at Tar-Jay like

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