Timeless: Remembering Andy Griffith

Being a smallish town Oklahoma girl, I grew up watching Opie, Andy and Aunt Bea, whistling along.

It wasn't until Andy's passing this last week that I again watched the show, and had my own children watch.  My little G, she's 8, I thought surely would fuss at it being on because it's black and white and old. But, she thought it was hilarious and enjoyed watching it just as much as we did. Later her brother, 12, joined us and laughed along too.

Andy really is a timeless kind of guy, and each Andy Griffith show with a great message- something I'm sure I didn't appreciate growing up as much as now. I highly recommend watching some Andy with your kids! I know later he did Matlock and some other things- but he'll always be Andy Taylor to me. What about you?

He's kind of an icon of pop culture that stands for a much simpler time, and much more wholesome family TV of course! 

And I think Rascal Flatts says it best:

"I miss Mayberry Sitting on the porch drinking 
Ice cold Cherry Coke 
Where everything is black and white 
Picking on a six string 
Where people pass by and you call 
Them by their first name 
Watching the clouds roll by"

I just know all of heaven is getting some great entertainment!

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Mrs. Sinclair
remembering & whistling along

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