The Very Personal Details Of My Text Life

Today we're going to get a little personal.
We're going to address my text life.

But before we get into my own personal text life, I'll share some of my son Michael's text life.
Is that legal?
He's only thirteen...

Around here we have interesting text lives.  When I quizzed the other housewives before, I discovered this was truly a unique thing for my family.
Lucky me.

My son Michael shows his amazing communication skills through his text life.

Michael answers Aunt Becki's question with the obvious.
So helpful.

Communicating with Aunt Terri (that's a video of him blowing a raspberry at her)

We had a little talk about communicating with strangers when I saw this.
From me to Michael.
He never signed up.

I think we can all see why Michael's family members have quit trying to talk to him through texting.

Here are some snippets from my phone over the last two months.
I love telling the Doc how my day is going.
He always offers up encouragement.
And no, the poop was not mine.

I have no idea what these are about.

We're going to work on the Doc's Bible interpreting skills.

This is not from the House of Priss.
My friend and her husband communicate really well, too.

One of my many daily invitations.

Another version.

Apparently, Jacob had my phone for this one.

Sometimes the best response is no response.
This conversation ended here.
He says I'm no fun.
Also not from the House of Priss.
Hard to believe since it involves poo.
Too funny not to share.
This text is from last week.
I stayed up and watched a movie I could care less about.
Thanks for the warning, Doc.

This one is my favorite.  It highlights a special moment in my life.
It shows that the Doc actually does know how to use a calendar.

And just so you know, I would never share these if they were serious.  
This is Doc's idea of funny.  
Not that he wouldn't take me up on it if I took him seriously.

Now it's your turn.

Does your special someone send you funny texts?

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