Wedding Etiquette According to Mrs. Hart

I am NOT a wedding planner/expert. If you want a real lesson on wedding etiquette, just google it. But, I have attended my fair share of weddings as a guest. I have worn several "pretty" dresses that were wore once and were destined to never be worn again. And I have even walked down the aisle myself twice. Thankfully I have been blessed on this second marriage now for seven years. The old wives tale is after seven, it's supposedly smooth sailing!

A few things about weddings these days really irk me. One wedding in particular. I hope my readers can't relate to the top five on my irksome list. Maybe this will help some upcoming bridezilla in the future or who knows, maybe I'm wrong in my thinking and you can help change my mind and convince me that I am just old fashioned in my thinking on etiquette.

1. Social Media- do not ask for RSVP's via any form of social media. Example: I was invited to a bridal shower and didn't RSVP-there is a reason. The MOB, who is not my friend on FB, messaged me and approximately 50 others, to see if we were coming. I left the conversation and didn't respond.

2. Invitations- if you invite to the shower you must invite to the wedding. What? The bride and groom are special enough for me to spend my time, money and artistic ability making a gift, but I am not special enough to see them make one of the biggest steps of their life. Now you see why I did not RSVP to the shower. But, because I love the MOG my gift went to the shower. See Emily Post's book on etiquette if you don't agree!

3. Thank You's- come on people, get the thanks out! Especially on wedding gifts. Wow, I actually did get one for my "special" gift! (I admit sometimes I am not perfect on certain thank you's, do you send a thank you for a thank you/appreciation gift?)

4. Children & Spouses- here's the deal, when I am invited to a shower, I never take my kids with me or my spouse. Why? It's a me thing. Me as in WOMAN! The only time I have taken my daughter was when her cousin got married and ALL the girl cousins were going to be present for pictures, etc.
A bride shouldn't make it mandatory that the entire wedding party be present at her shower, including 3 year old ring bearers, and then kick them out of the wedding because they don't attend the shower and wear the cute little tee made for him. Really. I'm thinking the WOMAN, Mom of said 3 year old would have really enjoyed herself at that shower. The uncle refused to go also, thankfully he didn't get uninvited to the wedding.

5. Rehearsal Dinner- don't bite the hand that feeds you. Dinner was all arranged at a venue. The wedded couple to be wants the entire meal changed venue and all, two weeks before the event. The meal chosen is going to be more expensive than the restaurant. Guess who is now stuck with the bill? Yep, the wedded couple to be because the groom's parents are now uninvited to the rehearsal dinner.

I probably could go on and on about the irksome etiquette that is going on these days in weddings. Tell me, can you beat any of the five above? 

I guess it really doesn't matter what I think. I did my wedding the way I wanted. Left everyone behind and flew to Vegas, returned for a reception to celebrate with friends and family. Every bride and groom gets to do it their way and has to live with the choices they make along the way. Who cares, it's their day. Right?

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
who is wondering if it's proper etiquette to show up to a 
wedding that I wasn't invited too?
(just joking)

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