20th High School Reunion Freakout

In approximately 48 hours, I will be joining the Wilson, OK High School Class of 1992 graduates- hopefully the 30 of us who are still living- along with our families, former classmates, parents and teachers for our
20th reunion.
Believe me it will be nothing like this...
It's a no cost, very casual affair in the "old" school cafeteria. 
I have asked everyone to
(red solo is optional)
We are only going to meet for two hours. With an option for the graduates to go out to dinner and an after party later that evening, once we all assemble and get a proper head count. 
No worries, right? No sweat. Easy, peasy....

I'm not even going to begin to show you a picture of my bed with all the wardrobe changes I have tried.
(you would call Clinton, Stacy or Heidi  for sure)
But, I have cute toes and all of us housewives know the importance of that.
 Thanks Mother in Law!

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♥Mrs. Hart♥

and Miss WHS and Most Dependable- Class of 1992

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