August Frenzy

August is here, and every housewife knows with the eight month of the year comes a frenzy like no other. I look back over the past NINE days and can't believe what all I have accomplished and what is still to come.

Football practice was delayed by three practices due to the extreme heat conditions. I wasn't exactly thrilled about giving up my Saturday morning pillow time to watch blood, sweat, and luckily no tears!
New clothes! Obviously the Hart Household is all geared up to cheer on their hometown team.
Wal-Mart, Tiger Den and Katydid are a few of my favorite places to shop for team/fan apparel.
(I have a few of these Katydid shirts left in M&L if anyone wants one, let me know, $25)
School Supplies- double, wait triple the amount this year I have a kindergartner!
Be watching those ads. Make sure you are getting your daily email from on the best savings!
"THE" backpack for my little Kindergartner bought at Tatermash- love, love, love these oilcloth bags this  local company in Tulsa makes. I think I have purchased about a dozen bags from them since Kaybrie was a baby, two for her now and others as gifts!

Oh my, what have I done in all this frenzy? See what it will do to you?
Make you cut all your hair off!

Speaking of cutting hair, have you got your kids their free haircuts yet at JCPenney's? Kids in grades K-6 get free cuts through August! Mine are scheduled for Friday.
Call 855-JCP-KIDS

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
who is dealing with the August heat and frenzy like

Disclosure- I am in no way associated with or compensated with the above mentioned sites. I just spend my hard earned money there and love their products and recommendations!

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