Back to School - Cheering or Crying?

It is back to school time around our neck of the woods. Many of my friends are sending their babies off to kindergarten, middle school or high school for the first time. It is an emotional thing to send your baby off to school. Some moms are sad & some are elated. 
Take for instance, Mrs. Albright, she is cheering quite loudly about her babies going off to school. She has one going to high school & one off to kindergarten. {Check out their beautiful faces on her post yesterday.}
She posted this ecard on Facebook with the following comment, 
"Couldn't agree more! That's why I'm so excited that starting tomorrow 
I can do all shopping sans kids while they're at school. *squeal*"
While my other friends are posting that they are crying. {Including myself.}
So how about you? Are you cheering or crying over back to school this year?
If you are crying here is a first day of school prayer
Wishing you & your kiddos a fantastic school year,
Mrs. Montgomery
Crying Like a Groupie Who Lost...

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