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Do you enjoy shopping on-line?
I have to admit I enjoy checking out the latest electronics & Ugg boots from the comforts of my home instead of schlepping to the mall.
Have you shopped on the Facebook sale pages? These pages are full of treasures, deals & drama.
I find myself checking out these pages just for laughs sometimes.
These pages are building large followings. Each page has very specific rules & verbiage. You must follow stated rules or you will get kicked off never to shop again. You must use words such as, "want", "bump" or "still available". 
Here are some used kitchen spoons. What do you think, are these a "want"?

How about this basket of cash? I bet it's "still available".

I'm always surprised by the pictures posted. How do you expect people to buy your junk  treasures if the picture is blurry?

This dirty mug is a heck of deal. Only $1. I heart Labs.

Some of these pages are better than a soap opera. I love the "bidding wars" that break out.

So do you shop these Facebook pages? I have purchased a few items from these pages & have been satisfied with my finds. Mrs. Albright is thinking about posting a few items for sale. I hope she follows the rules & her items receive lots of "wants" & "bumps". Share your sale pages experiences with us. Maybe there is a RHOK Sale Page in our future?

Have a great Labor Day!
Mrs. Montgomery
Shopping Facebook For Sale Pages Like...
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