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Hi, friends! 

Over a week ago I shared PicMonkey, a simple editing tutorial with you. I got great feedback from many of you on Facebook. I loved that you tagged me in pictures that you had edited using PicMonkey. Isn't it fun to be creative with your pictures? The more you use the program, the better your pictures with look.

It was a comment that was left by one of our favorite readers, Yogi from Yogi's Den, that prompted me to check out another editing program called iPiccy. This program is very similar to PicMonkey, but you have a few more options. In a nutshell, I LOVE it. I used this program to edit this years' back-to-school photos. 

Here's a few screenshots of some of the edits I made to my daughter's picture. I'll show you the original picture first and then some of the edits. 

SOOC (straight out of camera)

Upload the photo and then hover over picture to see tool to click for editing. 

I cropped my picture down to take out the boarded area above her head. 
It was a distraction for me.

I then resized my picture. When I upload pictures SOOC they are very large 
and will slow down the editing process. 

I always adjust my exposure just a little. 

You can play around with the levels and see if some changes are pleasing to your eye. 
I did adjust the levels somewhat. 

Next, I opened up the layers tab. It's under this tab that you can add text.
I added the word Freshman and the year to her picture. 
I also added a watermark at the bottom to copyright my picture. 
On all three texts, I used the fade slider to make the texts not so bold. 
I wanted them to look like they had been chalked on the brick. 

It is here that you'd want to open the "face" tab to do any skin touch-ups. 
For this picture, I did not do any touch-ups. But, had her eyes been open wider, I would have
used the "eye bright" on them. 

The filters tab is a fun tab. This is where you can change so much about your picutre.
I never use just one filter. And I rarely ever just click the filter without also adjusting it with the slider. 

This is my end result. Not too shabby for a quick and easy edit. 

Here are a few of the other pictures I took that day and edited with iPiccy. What do you think? 

This one didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. That would have required a 
cooperative five year old. Still loved the idea I found on Pinterest for the inspiration. 

Again, I'd like to thank those of you who commented on the last post here and on Facebook. I love seeing your pictures and what you do with them. Please share your pictures with us on Facebook or tag me if we are Facebook friends. Even if you didn't use the above editing programs but got some good back-to-school pictures of your kids, we'd LOVE to see them on our Facebook page - The RHOK

Also, if you use a different editing program than PicMonkey or iPiccy and you'd like for me to check it out, please leave that in the comments as well. 

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~Mrs. Albright
Gettin' fancy with the edits, like... 

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