Olympic Observations

We are a few days in to the London games and I have just a few, okay maybe many, observances I'd like to share. As you may know I had surgery Thursday so I've had quite a bit of time to veg out watching! I'm thinking a bullet list might be the best way to go about this.

  • The London 2012 plastered everywhere is in a horrific font
  • That grouping of what sort of looks like the date globbed together does not a logo make 
  • Beach volleyball women do not wear nearly as much as men beach volleyballers

  • Male divers more than make up for this

  • Why are there cheerleaders during men's indoor team volleyball?
  • How does one make it onto an Olympic badminton team?
  • No one should be allowed to make fun of male gymnasts, they could beat you up
  • Women competing for AN OLYMPIC MEDAL or anything for that matter, should not be allowed to wear their hair like this:

Photo credit New York Times. DO NOT wear this hair unless you are going to bed
  • It should be an automatic 2 tenths deduction for said crappy hair
  • There is actually a male synchronized swimming team, Randy, the IOC just won't let them compete
  • Sports commentators ask the most stupid questions
  • Athletes rarely make sense when questioned 15 seconds after finishing the event
Anything you want to add to my list?

Happy Olympics watching!

Mrs. Sinclair,
The RHOK Star
Gold Medalist

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