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I found some of these Olympic and summer trivia quizzes over on Trivia Champ. I thought it might be fun to see what you know. Leave your answers in the comments & I'll assume you are not going to cheat! This particular quiz was meant to be given before the games: so, bonus! You know you will get a few correct. I hope! :) I'll respond with all the answers later tonight.

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Where will the Summer Olympics in 2012 be held?

a. London
b. York
c. Bath
d. Cambridge

How many events will be a part of the 2012 Olympics?

a. 302
b. 250
c. 175
d. 350

Which member of the royal family is supposed to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics?

a. Zara Philips
b. Prince Edward
c. Prince Harry
d. Princess Anne

What is the name of the 2012 Summer Olympics' mascot?

a. Waldi
b. Wenlock
c. Syd
d. Izzy

Which of these sports will not appear at the 2012 games?

a. Rowing
b. Badminton
c. Cricket
d. Beach Volleyball

As of the June 2012, how many nations have qualified to go to the summer games?

a. 189
b. 112
c. 217
d. 308

Each Summer Olympics has its own motto. What is the motto of the 2012 games?

a. One World, One Dream
b. Inspire a generation
c. The Celebration of the Century
d. Dare to Dream

What is the slogan used for all of the Olympic Games?

a. Dare To Dream
b. Friends Forever
c. Swifter, Higher, Stronger
d. Harmony and Progress

Which Olympic event is going to take place at Greenwich Park during the 2012 Summer Olympics?

a. Canoeing
b. Rowing
c. Equestrian
d. Archery

One of the summer 2012 swimming Olympic events will be held outside. Where is it being held?

a. The English Channel
b. The Tames
c. The Serpent
d. The Avon

How did the Olympic flame arrive in England?

a. Ship
b. Airplane
c. Helicopter
d. Underground tunnel

Which sport had to be granted a special dispensation to allow it to be held in England?

a. Shooting
b. Archery
c. Rowing
d. Fencing

As part of the Olympic festivities, which movie has been re-mastered and will be shown in over 100 different cinemas?

a. Miracle
b. International Velvet
c. Chariots of Fire
d. Personal Best

Who will officially open the Olympic Games?

a. Prince Charles
b. Queen Elizabeth
c. Prime Minister David Cameron
d. Prime Minister Tony Blair

It is customary for the next host to make a showing at the closing ceremony. Which country will be hosting the 2016 games?

a. Brazil
b. China
c. Untied states
d. Japan

Still cheering on the US of A!
Mrs. Sinclair

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