Bloggy Boot Camp: Dallas, Part 1

This past weekend I was so lucky as to get to go to BBC Dallas put on by the SITS girls! I had a wonderful time representing the RHOK and learned so much, I can't even write about it in one post!

First, the sponsors Petit Jean Meats, Kings Hawaiian, Kroger, & Mirassou Winery just to name a few, were so kind and generous! They hosted lively parties and I found a new wine to love. Mirassou Moscato is absolutely devine and didn't break me out in hives. This is revolutionary, people. Most alcoholic beverages started breaking me out a couple of years ago! It's an evil, evil trick played by my body.

Anyway, while that's really important and all- I did learn other things I need to pass along to my girls, and to our readers. So, I'm going to write about one or two subjects a time so as not to overload y'all.

I got to meet so many people I only knew online. And others I am lucky to know now. This part alone was worth going! I really want to suggest that everyone find and plan to attend a blog conference. I had no idea what I was missing all this time. I also highly recommend joining the SITS girls community, ASAP.

Me and @mamakatslosinit, a funny lady I've known on twitter for awhile, but got to meet  IRL! She was a speaker.

I was also lucky to "know" Tiffany Romero via twitter & she was instrumental in getting me to the conference so we could meet. Fran- the other lovely SITS lady is great too. SITS is such a great community & you can learn so much there. *Tiffany and Fran are the grand masterminds behind it all.* There were many great speakers and they covered a variety of topics...I am going to share, don't worry.

But first, my assignment for you now is to go to the SITS site, and learn all about it if you don't already know. Then next time I'll meet you back here for something a little meatier. Deal? Good.

Until we meet again,
Mrs. Sinclair
educated and briefly well rested from a whole weekend alone

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