Bloggy Boot Camp: Part 2

Last week I wrote about my trip to BBC Dallas, and now I bring you part 2.
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There were many great speakers and so much to learn. The main part of the conference for me being making blogging a business.

Most importantly, that doesn't mean selling ads! It means selling yourself. Making money while blogging, doesn't necessarily mean blogging. It may mean you do it by marketing yourself to a company to run its social media. Or taking on sponsored posts for money. This gave me a lot to think about. Also, I had hadn't really considered we should be asking for work, instead of waiting for it to find us.

We also learned a bit about e-books. This up and coming phenomenon is taking off. For those of you who always wanted to be published, your blog is basically a book in itself that can be packaged and sold! Consider it. You never know what might happen!

Next time, we'll wrap it up with a whole list of tips. Stay tuned!

On to continue my rain dancing,
Mrs. Sinclair,

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