Fall Fun with Kids

My kids have been in school for 23 days for the 2012-13 year and just had their second day out this past Friday. Professional Development Days. Teachers have to get them in, and unfortunately it just doesn't happen with the kids present and on school property. My daughter who started Kindergarten this year told us that she really likes having three day weekends. I bet she does.

I'll be honest I enjoy it also. Can we have year around school with just breaks here and there? Please? I had so much fun with my kids on Friday. It was a no makeup, stress free, craft and full of fun activity day with my kids and a few neighbor friends, whose mom just happens to be one of those poor teachers who had to go get schooled.
We made two of these Candy Corn wreaths. I found the idea on Pinterest, of course!
HGTV Moma here I come! He looks mighty efficient with a glue gun doesn't he?
BTW if anyone has seen my glue gun, please return it. We have a few battle scars from this one.

I didn't want to overload this post with pics, but you can see we had loads of Fall fun and were on a real sugar high between bites of candy corn, sprinkles, chocolate and caramel that was served up. At least the apples were healthy. This is what Fall Fun with Kids is all about until the leaves fall, the pumpkins patches open and its cool enough to get out and enjoy the weather!

On another note of Fall, remember my last post when I hosted the RHOK into Fall Y'all Decorating Contest? We have a winner of the $25 Los Cabos Gift Card! Congratulations RHOK Reader MissPam DanceMom! If you are in the Broken Arrow or South Tulsa area and are looking for dance lessons for your child, I encourage you to look Miss Pam up at Beautiful Feet Dance Company.
Miss Pam's Fall Village. I love villages!

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Celebrating Fall and looking forward to cooler temps like

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