Tick, Tock - The Time Keeper, Part Two

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We have read to chapter 21, but I am getting impatient.  Let's just finish the book before my next post.  Okay with you?  Then it is settled.  

We will have our final book posting on October 9th and wrap it up.

  1. Can you identify with any of the characters and their personalities?
  2. What is your current attitude about time? In other words, if Dor was listening to your thoughts on time, what would he hear?
  3. Share a quote or thought that impacted you while reading this portion of the book.
  4. Anything else you want to say?
First, I'm going to say that I love this book in part just because it is different.  Sometimes I feel like I am reading the same storyline in a different book.  That happens when you favor a particular genre or author.  I'm not a fan of rotating characters in a book, but he seems to be making it work and I can see the necessity of it in telling the story.

I'm not going to provide a synopsis of the book this time because I want you to read the story!

1. I'm having a hard time identifying with the characters, personally.  I can see glimpses of myself in most of them, but not enough to feel mirrored.  If I had to pick one, I would say I am a bit like Dor in that I miss the miracles of daily life in pursuit of my goals.  I hope I don't get stuck in a cave for thousands of years for that.

2. Time.  OH BOY.  Let's just say my whole entire family laughs when they talk about me and my calendar.  Everything I do in life is future oriented.  Days are mapped out to the point of insanity.  I have a lot to do and I will feel like a failure if I don't get it all done.  In my pursuit of making a difference and covering all of the bases, I wear myself out but I am very efficient with my time.  I don't understand how anyone can sit without doing anything and not feel an overwhelming sense of guilt.  Even when we watch television I am folding the laundry.  Anyone else have this problem?

3.  I love quotes.  
  • On page 46, the old man said, "Man rarely knows his own power."  This made me think of the movie Pay It Forward.  What we do, whether positive or negative, has an impact on others.  We are all connected.  If you haven't seen that movie, go rent it.  Rent it now.
  • On page 47, the old man tells Dor, "The length of your days does not belong to you."  I'm anxious to see what direction we are headed with this one.  Your thoughts?  From a spiritual aspect, my days should belong to God as I follow His will for my life.
  • On page 52, it tells Victor's story of childhood heartbreak.  His motto in life comes from tragedy - "holding on to things 'will only break your heart.'"  This explains Victor's struggle with emotions and attachments.  Do you sometimes put barriers up when you don't really need them?  I know I do.  When your heart gets broken, it is hard to open up and trust again.  Do you put yourself out there?
I have no #4 for you today.  I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insights!

If you like the book, don't forget to tell your friends to read it together with us!  They can still post on our last installment coming up on October 9th!

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