Bullying. Where and When Does it Stop?

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October is national bully prevention month. Did you know that? For those of you with children in school you probably are signing permission slips for your children to attend an assembly called Rachel's Challenge. I'll be honest, even I have said bullied and hurtful words to people before. Where and when does it stop? To what extent is it going to go to in our own children's lives? My son attended his assembly on Tuesday. This was my Facebook status yesterday and the discussion that followed.
(last names & children's names have been edited for privacy reasons)

ShaRhonda Williams Crow
Yesterday near Broken Arrow via mobile
Bullying. Let's get on that topic for a moment. Apparently there was a middle school assembly yesterday on Rachel's Challenge. A certain boy I know wiped/scratched his eye and it was seen by another child. Then started the rumors that said boy shed tears during assembly. So what if he did shed a tear instead of just wipe/scratch because of allergies. When is the poking and hurting going to end? Even after seeing such a powerful program as that.
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  • Debbie  what's Rachel's challenge?
  • ShaRhonda Williams Crow Rachel's Challenge is the Bullying Campaign brought about by the Columbine Shootings. Rachel Scott was killed during the shootings and had amazing leadership skills within her school and always wanted to help others.
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  • Michelle  My son was very moved by it!
  • Brandi  That's so sad!! You have one of the sweetest boys!!
  • ShaRhonda Williams Crow I can't imagine any student not being moved by it @Michelle, and then to think someone would make fun of a boy for "crying" because kids were gunned down in one of their safe havens. And I guess this year the guns were actually shown.
  • ShaRhonda Williams Crow Thanks Brandi.
  • Jana  It seems to me, just from being out in public, that a lot if adults are total jerks. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that kids are jerks and bullies. We need better parents to raise better kids.
  • Tonya  Why are kids so mean? I hate middle school!
  • Carrie  I am with you.. A certain little "tall" girl I know was being called Daddy long legs as they walked out of the assembly. I am with your friend Tonya... I hate Middle School
  • ShaRhonda Williams Crow  Carrie I love that certain "tall" girl! I love how she never fails to give me a hug when she sees me, so sweet and caring!
  • Racheal  Ill tell you why ShaRhonda because of their parents! end of story. Immature parenting skills, lack of connection, and pure laziness im betting said bullies parents are the same...See More
  • Brandi  Some really good discussion going on here- thx for sharing guys!
    My son was definitely impacted by the assembly- we talked about it all evening.
    Makes me so sad to think that our kids may be bullied at school and we're not there to defend them!!
  • ShaRhonda Williams Crow Most definitely Brandi. Bullying can come at all angles, sizes, big or small. If it hurts, it hurts.

After reading the discussion above, weigh in. What are your thoughts? We see what the schools are doing, but what practices do you do with your children at home to prevent them from being bullies and getting bullied?

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