DIY Costumes and Halloween Showoff 2012 with Link Up

'Tis the day before Halloween and hopefully the greatest nightmare of all housewives with children has not occurred. 
Did you forget to make, buy, or just can't find the right costume for you or your children?
  I can certainly see where that nightmare might occur. And if it has, I can only hope to offer you some DIY costume hope.
 I am also asking for our readers to link up to this post and show off your 2012 Halloween costumes!
Inquiring housewives want to know.
My son: Greg Hefley the Wimpy Kid
My daughter: The Prissy Ghost
(All ideas inspired by where else?  Pinterest!)
Wimpy Kid
I originally got the idea for the Wimpy Kid from Living Locurto, but I just couldn't get the face to turn out the way I wanted. So then I moved on to actual Wimpy Kid sites and found these downloads! Score! Looks like we may all be a Wimpy Dad and Mom also! I just printed, glued it on black card stock and cut it out. I did not cut out the eyes. Then rather than put the mask on strings I duct taped it onto a Halloween pencil. His middle school is dressing up on Wednesday and he's not that into dressing up, so this was perfect for my almost 12 year old once paired with a white tee, black shorts and long white socks!

Prissy Ghost
This idea came from a pin that I pinned last year. It was off of an etsy shop, so it didn't come with directions. I just made it my own way. That's the fun thing about Pinterest. I made this costume for less than $5! Supplies needed: long sleeve white tee, one piece of 8x10 black felt, black ribbon and Liquid Stitch. Cut a template for your eye and mouth shape, pin it on before you Liquid Stitch and try it on the child, making sure its centered and looks right. Then Liquid stitch it on. In case you haven't figured out, Liquid Stitch is to me like butter is to the Pioneer Woman. Then make a bow and sew or Liquid Stitch it on. Pair it up with a cute white tutu and you have a prissy ghost! Now my daughter has a fun costume, one she can wear to school, and a shirt she can wear again next October! 

These are just a few ideas. 
I have an entire board dedicated to ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN if you would like to browse for other nightmare ending solutions. 

Now I know there are going to be lots of posts this week showing off your princesses, ballerinas, pumpkins, ninjas, and even a few of you will be sporting your own creative adult costumes. I've seen a few and I know our readers would love to see them. I also know that the BIG reveal is not until tomorrow night for some, so this link up will be open until next Monday!

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
Wishing you all a safe and creative Halloween like

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