Does Your Lipstick Reflect Your Personality?

I don't wear near as much lipstick as a I used to. Probably due to the fact that I am not in constant client contact and I have a tendency to talk it off. I have actually become a high powered gloss wearer. But, when I do wear lipstick I don't dare put it on around anyone. My friends and especially my family have always given me a hard time about the shape of my lipstick. The what? Yes, the shape. I hadn't given this much thought, why would I, until I saw this particular segment by Rick Wells on KOTV Monday afternoon. - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

Are you pulling out your lipsticks yet? Here is another point of reference I found, obviously this is well researched cosmetic issue. I asked a few of my friends and family members to send me a picture of their lipsticks for a post. They haven't seen the segment and have no idea that I am about to analyze them based upon their wear upon cosmetics.

Obviously, I'm attracted to easy-going, likeable, peacemaking friends. On another note, pink lipstick is all about being feminine and young. The paler the pink, the happier you are and supposedly more fulfilling your sex life is. 

Hmmm...gonna have to go try some of Mary Kay's green mood lipstick, especially if it does stay on through a good talking and then we will just see what color it turns on me. 

What does the shape and color of your lipstick say about you? Does it reflect your personality?

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
Staying true to the shape of my lipstick like

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