Fall la la la la

It's suppose to be fall. But lately around here it seems to appear in about November instead of September.

It's another thing we wait for, hope for, wish for to make it happen faster. I feel like that's all anyone does anymore latley and I want to yell at them: "Stop wishing away time!"

Time moves so fast.

I'm sad when people say they wish it was summer in the winter. Or spring In the fall. Next week, next year, tomorrow. It's really hard to make people see how time is fleeting, especially children. I keep seeking a way to explain how wishing your life away just circles you around to watching time slip away.

We all have different points in our lives in which this all becomes clear. A turning point so to speak, where fast forward switches to rewind slo-mo.

Take some time today and revel in the moment. Remind someone else to do the same. This time only happens once.

Mrs. Sinclair-

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