Halloween Costume Ideas

Mr. Montgomery & I are going to a Halloween Party. It's one of those parties where everyone is very serious about their costumes. Party goers costumes are top secret & there are big reveals at the party. To say my husband & I are not costume people would be an understatement. Our idea of dressing in costume is wearing jeans from 2005 & Wal-Mart "vintage" concert t's. I'm a little stressed in trying to come up with our "outfits". 
Pinterest has offered up some good ideas. None of which we'll be wearing, still so funny I had to share.

Please someone dress like this & drive around.
Make sure you have someone videoing the reactions 
as you pull up or drive by other cars.

This is hilarious AND comfortable.
Win - Win.


What a funny, funny boy.

Unfortunately I have no buns in the oven.

So if you have any music, band, singing, couple costume ideas please share. I am in desperate need of ideas.
Mrs. Montgomery
Desperately Needing a Halloween Stylist like...

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