Kiss the Cook

I'm trying to train my boys to be good husbands someday.  Know one thing (of the many) that make a good husband?  They cook meals and clean up afterwards.  Men who do this are a hot commodity.

Since Michael is turning fourteen in a few short months, I decided it was time to teach him something beyond cooking a hot dog in the microwave.  I need him to be more marketable if he is going to remain averse to small talk, yo.

When I told Michael he would be cooking dinner, he just looked at me.
No response other than eye contact.

I thought cheese enchiladas would be a great meal to start learning on.  They're kinda super easy and hard to mess up.  

The first thing Michael did was shove a tortilla in his mouth.

Lesson number one was a little bit unexpected.  
How can this smart little brain not know how to use a can opener?  
I mentioned that it is time to get an electric can opener and he told me I should ask for one for Christmas.
He's a thinker, that one.

We had barely gotten started when he sweetly volunteered to go "check on" his little brother.
This kid is the master of escape.
He wanted to use a timer to heat the tortillas so I finally took over this part.
Baby steps.

The tortilla made him thirsty so he was more interested in drinking water than rolling cheese into the tortillas.
You sorta kinda need two hands to roll these, bud.  LOSE THE WATER.

And after many warnings, he still plopped the tortillas down without keeping them rolled.
At this point, I was looking for my friend Patience.
I also contemplated how I will ever teach this child to drive based on how frustrated I let myself get.
I'm a work in progress.

He finally got the idea and rolled up a bunch of enchiladas.

Remember, he's in training - right?
I had to inform him that all of the cheese on the counter and floor would be picked up by him.
See the joy on his face?
After thinking this over, he said, "Technically, that's true."
Then he start creating less of a mess.

And voila!
Cheese enchiladas and a clean floor!

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~ Mrs. Priss

who is determined to have more cooks in her house!

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