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Over on my personal Facebook page my friends refer to me as the Recipe Queen. Yes, I do post lots of recipes. No, I don't always make everything I post. One of the greatest inventions since the telephone is Pinterest. It is my go-to place for recipes. I still love my cookbooks, but Pinterest is MUCH more convenient for me. I can pull up a recipe on my iPad off of one of my many boards with a click of button. I'm always shocked when I come across someone who doesn't have a Pinterest account.

This past week I've made several new dishes I just so happened to find on Pinterest. I first made Easy Chicken Parm for my family and my in-laws. It's somewhat of a healthier version of Chicken Parmesan that is usually fried. This one is baked, but has a surprise crunchy to the top. It was a HUGE hit!  Go ahead, click on over to Food Wishes and watch his You Tube video on how to make it. SUPER EASY and it was very yummy. I had to cook mine longer than suggested because I used big, fat chicken breasts. The next time I make it, I'm going to flatten 'em down a bit. 

Another night, I made Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings. This recipe comes from Moms with Crockpots. I love, love, love their website. Again, this recipe was easy. I'm sure you are catching on to the fact that I love easy cooking. Who has time to make gourmet meals when you are taxing kids all over the place?!  My dad was in town and got to eat dinner with my family this night. This meal got the thumbs up! 

The most recent recipe I found on Pinterest and tried was from Witty in the City:  Man-Pleasing Chicken. Well, Holla! I like to please my man. =D  This pleased not only my man, but my aunt, both daughters and me! Yummy. Do I even need to tell you how easy it was?! =P 

Now, if you'll look closely at my picture you'll see some green beans. Those particular green beans have been made and eaten with all THREE of these meals I've shared with you. Those little boogers! 

The recipe for these green beans is from Nancy Creative and they are actually called Arkansas Green Beans. The first time I made these green beans I followed her recipe almost exactly, with the exception being... I did not fry the bacon beforehand and I did not use as much bacon.  They were wonderful! The second time I prepared it, I forgot to add garlic powder, I only used about 4 pieces of bacon cut up and I used 7 tablespoons of soy sauce instead of six. It was STILL wonderful. The third time I made it, I forgot the butter AND garlic powder. Guess what?! It was still freaking delicious! Each time our company loved them and never knew I forgot anything. Every time our company ate them, they asked for the recipe. You obviously can NOT go wrong with these green beans. This last time I used the extra large can of cut green beans and 1 can of Italian green beans. I LOVED the Italian green beans in it. 

I hope you give these recipes a try. I am certain you and your family will not be disappointed! 

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~Mrs. Albright
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