RHOK'n the Tulsa State Fair 2012

The Real Housewives of Oklahoma annual trek to the Tulsa State Fair is always an adventure. 
This is our 3rd year for fair bingo, food & fun!
We are nothing without our traditions. Here are the 2012 highlights.
The annual "kiss the old guy" pic for Mrs. A & Mrs. P.
Our annual Fair Bingo Game. We give you one guess who won this year {again}.
Daring Mrs. Albright to do crazy things. Mrs. A is always up for a dare. Here she is trying out for the Marines. She drew  a crowd with her timed pull up, the young guys got in line to beat her time.
Group shot. Here are a few of us in front of Jaws.

Photo Booth. Who needs paparazzi? Some of us took photo booth pics on our phones. As you can tell we are real pros.

Eating fair delicacies. While we didn't eat cheese curds this year. We did try the fried watermelon. I wish we had a pic of the reactions. Watermelon is meant to be eaten well chilled, not deep fried. Ick. 
Here is Mrs. Priss eating porkballs on a stick. Yep, that's what I said.
We had a great time on our housewife afternoon at the fair. It's not good bye. 
It's see ya next year Tulsa State Fair.
Didn't get enough of  the RHOK at the fair? Click this link for  Last Year's Highlights
What is your favorite part of the fair? Did you try the fried watermelon or chocolate covered corn dog? Share your fair "adventures". Look for video of our fair day on our Facebook page.
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Mrs. Montgomery
Hearing the Carnies yell "Hey Ladies?!" like...

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