2012 Election Day RHOK'd

As a housewife I getting a little teary each time I vote.
I am thankful for the women who came before me & fought
for all women's right to vote.
I saw this pic on a few sites yesterday & thought,
"Now I could vote with these girls".
They would definitely be in the RHOK.
Mrs. Priss voted early {of course}
She was not alone. 
Check out this line of over achievers.
All the housewives voted.
We have stickers to prove it.
All the RHOK housewives want to instill the importance
of voting in our children.
I'll let you play "match the child with the housewife".
Whether you voted red or blue we hope you
remember that we are one country INDIVISIBLE.
How did you celebrate Election Day?
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xo ~
Mrs. Montgomery
Using Election Day for a Shameless PR Opp Like...

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