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Who's tired of eating and even seeing Halloween candy?! Blech. I'm over it. I'm hiding what's left to give out next year. I kid, I kid. My little one ate so much candy Halloween night that the next morning she had the worst tummy ache. She didn't have dinner the night before because she refused. I thought I'd let her learn a little about natural consequences. After spending some time on the potty and praying to God for relief, she finally said, "Mom, we shouldn't have went trick-or-treating." Yep, don't think I won't be reminding her next year when she wants to just eat candy for dinner. =) 

I'm not here to just talk about gluttonous, I'm here to actually share a really easy and yummy dinner recipe with you. This is a recipe I can fix and my family will - eat every time. To make it a little healthier I like to add some vegetable sides - to balance out the starches. 

Potatoes & Smoked Sausage

2 packages Eckrich Skinless Smoked Sausage
5 large baking potatoes
1/8 to 1/4 cup of canola or olive oil
season salt 
onion, if desired 

~Peel and dice potatoes and slice sausage
~Add oil, onion, potatoes, & sausage to deep, large fry pan
~Season with Season Salt (I season it at the beginning and then again before it's finished cooking.) 
~Cook covered until potatoes are tender and a little browned

Waa~Laa! It's THAT easy. My family loves fried potatoes so I figured out a way a long time ago to make it a meal by adding the sausage. 

What are you doing with all your left-over candy? I've done my fair share of helping my girls eat get rid of it. 

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~Mrs. Albright
Recovering from a sugar high, like a...

Oh, yeah.... one more thing. GO VOTE! 80 million people did not vote in the last presidential election. Make your voice count. It's your right. It's a privilege people died to give you. No excuses. DO IT!

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