Lights, Wine, Breaking Dawn & Route 66 Half Marathon

I'm too tired to think of wonderfully creative title. 
Heck, I'm tired from just typing the title. 
We had so much fun at Lights On Main Street Jenks last week.
180 Kitchen & Bath Designs showroom is beautiful!
We believe every housewife should pick up
 these napkins this season.

Each of the RHOK girls brought their favorite wine to share. 
Mrs. T & Mrs. A were professionals. 

It wouldn't be a RHOK Out without a game.
The ladies traded papers to see who had
the highest score.
A former teacher "graded" this one.
Notice we said former.

180 Supergirl to the rescue!

180 has an awesome steam shower.
Of course a few had to try it out.

Mrs. Albright brought antlers. They are the accessory of the season.
Stop looking at our racks!
Go like 180 on Facebook.
Tell them the RHOK sent ya.
We love RHOK Outs because women connect.
Mrs. T & Mrs. D found out they were at OSU
at the same time & had a lot in common.

So it was on to Breaking Dawn 2

We had some fun in the theater.
And by "we" I mean Mrs. D.

Here is our "official" review by Mrs. Albright.
 Yes that was her in her seat.
She looked so comfy.
Bye Bye Twilight franchise.

Mrs. Albright needed her rest.
She ran the Route 66 half marathon.
We are so proud of her.
My girls & I went down to provide some encouragement.
We saw quite a few girls we knew.

Mrs. A did AWESOME! 
Here she is crossing the finish line.
She did it in 2 hrs. 35 mins.
Did I mention this was her first run, her first half?!
She's a stud.
So there you have it. A recap of a few events this weekend.
Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
Neither am I.
Off to a Pilgrim Play & the store.
When I give thanks this year.
It will include you.
Mrs. Montgomery
Living like...
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