Pre- Holiday Clean Scene with Mrs. Hart

Thanksgiving is two weeks away housewives!!! TWO weeks, that's 14 DAYS!! Are your menus planned, house cleaned, travel plans made, Black Friday shopping strategies shaping up? Did I ask you if your house was clean yet? Not exactly sure yet if I am cooking or my MIL, but since the holidays are coming and my house is always in the need of a good cleaning... 

I have a gas stove. Anyone who cooks with gas knows that the grease, grime, burned on food on the grates and drip pans is nearly impossible to get off. I have tried Comet, Soft Scrub, my dishwasher, everything imaginable. 

During Fall Break, I even priced at Lowe's replacement parts. Yeah, that is not happening in the near future. The double drip pans alone are $12.99 and only come in black. Last Tuesday night, I found the following pin on Pinterest. I guess she just had nasty grates to contend with, not the pans. 

Warning: What you are about to see is disgusting. I am ashamed, that I let the mashed potatoes last week boil over and hadn't cleaned it before now.

Supplies needed: 
1 gallon Ammonia- $2 
rubber gloves 
scouring pads 
 large sealable container, I used an ice chest 
well ventilated space- I went outside

Now, I must warn you when you start a Pinterest project such as this you will probably end up opening an entire stove clean scene. I mean really how can you have a clean cook top and the inside not be cleaned as well. 

You are going to put the grates and pans into the large container and pour the ammonia over them. Let them sit overnight. My burner covers and the left drip pan were clean within about six hours. During that time is when you will do the other clean scene.

Now, I am not going to lie to you, you still have to use a little elbow grease. At least I did. Some of the baked on black gunky mess, I am sure, had been on there for a good nine years. It is back wrenching, elbow using, grease and grime. I even felt it in my rear Saturday morning at the football games. Be prepared for some work, but be even more prepared for the shock that I am about to reveal.

"Whoa Mommy, did you get a new stove?", straight out of the mouth of my five year old daughter.What amazing cleaning secrets do you have or have found lately? Please share, so we all can have clean homes for Thanksgiving!

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♥Mrs. Hart♥
Who can RHOK an upside down cleaning mask like

P.S. I knew it was upside down, my glasses kept fogging up with it turned the correct way!

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