RHOK'n Kids Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

My first writing was published in 1979. It was a recipe that appeared in The Daily Ardmoreite. It went something like this: Go to Super C (the grocery store in my hometown of Wilson), get a frozen pizza, take it home, turn on the oven, cook according to directions and then EAT! Trust me, my cooking skills have come a long way since Kindergarten, and now if I want Pizza I just call 918-664-4444 or drive to Little Caesars. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the paper or my writing due to a house fire, but I have my mother's memories to tell me. 

I collected a few recipes from my 1st grade teacher from Facebook for this post. Hard to believe she kept these so long! The recipes she shared are from 1984- thank you Mrs. Chaney for letting me also share these.

RM - Turkey... Buy a 9 pound turkey. Clean it out and stuff it with 10 cups of flour. Put it in a pan and cook it ten minutes. When it tastes good that means it's done.

JSD: white Cake with Blue Icing- Put 2 cups of sugar, 2 teaspoons of powder, 2 eggs, and white icing to make the cake white. Mix all of this together. Put it in the oven, wait 4 minutes until it's done ( it will look brown). Icing- Just get it out of the can you buy and mix dark blue stuff you put on Easter eggs. Mix it and put it on the cake. If it's your birthday you could decorate it.

DB- Coconut Pie... Make the crust out of dough. Put 1 can of coconut in the crust and bake it for 1 hour let it cool for 30-35 minutes. Put just enough cream on the top to cover the coconut. This will serve 5 people.

DS: Apple Pie- Get some crust from the store. Put twenty apples in it, then put the other crust on after you cook it. Bake it about 4 hours. Take it out and let it cool. Then eat it.

Now I will share with you some recipes from children of the 21st Century- the RHOK kids! 
I think we will find they aren't that much different.

Kaybrie age 5, Mrs. H's daughter-  Little Cornbread box of cornbread, one box of milk, crack an egg- don't put the shell in. Put them in Mommy's big mixer bowl. Grab a big spoon. Mix it up. Grab a small spoon and put in Grandma's little muffin pans. Then let Mommy put it in the oven until its finished. I'm not allowed to touch it when its hot.

Grayce age 8 (Mrs. S's daughter)- 

Jalyn age 8, Mrs. M's daughter-

Jillian age 5, Mrs. M's daughter-

Jax age 11, Mrs. M's son-

Michael age 13, Mrs. P's son- Chocolate Cake... is made from rainbows, happiness, bunny kisses and lots and lots of chocolate.

Camryn age 5, Mrs. A's daughter- 

Turkey...To make the turkey you need to add some chicken in it. Ummm...some cookies. Ummm bananas and umm umm sugar. That's it.

Brownies...ummm...some chocolate and then you get a roller and you roll it. Then you put it in the oven in a pan. Then you eat it.

Mashed Potatoes...Put I don't know. Ummm bananas and then you put some little drops of white in it. And then put little black dots. Then put sugar in it. That's it.

(Remember, Mrs. A is our resident chef here at The RHOK. Obviously she substitutes sugar for the salt in most of her recipes and never told us her other secret ingredient is banana, lucky for us her 5 year old told- LOL.)

Mrs. M's kids writing their recipes. I just love her Thankful Tree!

What kind of memories have you made with your children in the kitchen? How do they think you "cook"?
Wonder how many of the above recipes will appear on Thursday's Thanksgiving table this year?
Happy Thanksgiving!

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