You've Been Elfed!

We have a fun, Christmas tradition we started a couple of years ago.
We are Elfing!
No, it's not the cute lil video you can make called Elf Yourself.
No, it's not the cute lil Elf on the Shelf either. 
Elfing is where we go and drop off treats at our the homes of our neighbors & friends.
Here is the cute card we use.  


Everyone joins in the fun.
Brother and Sister help bake.

We place our treats in plastic containers.
Attach the poem with cute, grosgrain ribbon.
Easy, peasy.
Then my kids favorite part...sneaking up to the front door, ringing the door bell and running!
My oldest loves this activity and wants to "Elf" everyone we know.

We have so much fun!
When we Elf one friend we always get caught?! Jboy thinks this is hilarious.
We are looking forward to Elfing YOU this year.

Mrs. Montgomery
Ringing & Running Like...

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