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We elf. Our family loves it. It is something the kids really get into. My oldest has graduated to elf sitter & he helps me with the elf activities. He brings a sense of fun in coming up with elf antics for his brother & sisters.
A few weeks ago my oldest daughter explained to me that our elf, Jingles, had to leave his wife at the N.Pole. Santa sent him to our house to work & she had to stay behind. Oh how she wished Jingles wife could come to our house. 
Well we went to Macy's & found Elf on the Shelf half off plus an additional 25% off. {With that deal I should have purchased all they had & made some extra Christmas cash.} So Jingles wife came to visit. 
The girl elf is almost identical to the boy elf. She did have white dot earrings. That just wouldn't do for me, she needed a little bling.
Jingles put a ring on it.

The kids were so excited to see her! Jingles wrote a note explaining that she brought reindeer antlers for everyone. Something got lost in translation & they started calling Jingles wife, "Antlers". Antlers?! That is not a name for a cute, blingy, newly married elf. This led to many discussions about her name. She has morphed into, Polkadot Snowflake, or Antlers for short.

Last year I found a vintage elf. He came to help Jingles last year & showed up again this year. His name is cousin Ralph. My husband calls him Uncle Si because he is old & looks a little crazy. Cousin Ralph can't spell. Jingles is always having to help him.

I love seeing all the elf activity on Facebook & Instagram. The names crack me up!
Here are the RHOK elf names:

Mrs. Albright's elves are Fred Jack Tubbington & Tinsel Belle.

Mrs. Southern's elves are Chuck & Glenda.

Mrs. Hart elf is Malia.

My favorite elf name of all time is Enrique. My friend Susan just cracks me up. Here is a crayola portrait of  Enrique drawn by one of her daughters. I was impressed.

Do you elf? If so share your elf names with us. Post a pic on our Facebook page. We love to see your elfing around the house!

Mrs. Montgomery
Elfing like...

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