Make Your Own Ornaments!

We get pretty excited about Christmas around here.  

My family started decorating Thanksgiving week - and we're almost done.  Our pace is killer - as in so slow it's killing me!  I start shopping early for extended family so I can hand them wrapped presents at Thanksgiving.  Yes, I'm so cheap that I refuse to pay shipping.  I even started baking (*gasp*) things that can be frozen for later in the month.  Yes, it's true.  I love having things done early so I can just coast and enjoy the season!

It's only December 5th and I'm curious how many of you are as immersed into the Christmas season as my family is.  Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Sinclair are all either done or almost done with their shopping and decorating.  Only Mrs. Priss (that would be me) has started baking.  The other housewives have declared me insane on this one.  Most of the RHOK have only wrapped a minimal number of gifts.  Mrs. Montgomery is on a different track.  She has done very little for Christmas and plans to do a little each day to prepare.  I think she is just making sure the family celebrates her birthday first.

Over Thanksgiving break, I decided on a whim to put my boys and niece to work creating dough ornaments.  My mom used to make these with me when I was a little girl.  Sadly, mine have only slightly improved over the years - but they are still fun to make!

After you mix the dough, you begin making your ornaments.  Roll and flatten the dough into the shape want to make.  To attach other pieces, dampen your finger with some water and moisten the area you want it to go to "glue" it in place.

The "Before"

After you get your ornaments just right, put a bobby pin or a paper clip in them (so you will have a place to attach a hook later) and let them dry out.  I usually put mine in the oven on a baking sheet at about 200 or less.  I leave them in the oven overnight and keep going until they completely dry out.  If you aren't going to be able to check them every couple of hours, just turn the oven off but leave them in.

Once they are dry and they cool off, it is time to paint!  I use acrylic paint and a variety of paintbrush sizes.

Jacob is having fun with his creations!

Our crazy ornaments.
The "After" for my tree

It was fun to see what my boys would create.  Michael stuck with Nintendo themed ornaments.  Jacob stuck with his own creation - Evil Toast!  Believe me, it's going to be a hit someday.  No stealing his idea!

Eeeeeeeevil Toast King!

These are mine. Just plain ole Christmas.

Once the ornaments are painted and dry, spray them with that shiny stuff that makes them look all pretty and glossy.  That's what you call it if you are not really a crafty gal.
Those of you who are crafty would call it... I dunno.  Clearcoat? Spray Gloss? Varnish?
You decide.

Ready to hang on the tree!

If you want to try this at home, I am attaching the recipe for you.  And if you actually make some ornaments, please post them on our Facebook wall.

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~ Mrs. Priss

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