I'm With The Band

I used to be happy with a nice quiet weekend at home.
Used to be.
We would order some pizza and rent a movie and settle in for an exciting night.

I think the Doc really misses those days.
Now that I'm -- ahem -- a little older, I like to get out of the house on the weekends.  I'm especially giddy if I get to hear a local band and go dancing.  No stadium concerts for this housewife, I want to be able to actually see the band without having to buy floor level seats!
This past weekend, I mentioned that one of my favorite local bands was playing and threw some last minute plans together to go see them.  If you haven't yet seen Uninvited Guest, you should.  They are really fun!
I think the Doc was a little blindsided on this one.  He didn't know we were going out.  Mrs. Albright was already planning on dinner and a movie with friends, but they went to dinner then joined us instead.
I was thrilled! 
The Doc was having fun, too.  He just didn't know it.
I'll give you one guess which one belongs to me...

We dance.
We have fun.
The Doc updates his Facebook saying, "Is there a support group for men who know that their wife will leave him for a band member?"

This is a real concern for him.  Unfounded, of course.
For the record, I never even went on a date with anyone in a band.  Ever.

Does anyone else's husband need to join Doc's support group?

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~ Mrs. Priss

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