Ten Signs that it's a New Year & Time for a Change

Two full weeks of Christmas Break and three weeks of sickness makes one very weak. Here are my observations over the past 21 days that tell me that it's a New Year and definitely time for a change of my habits. I feel seriously gross over some of the things I have seen and learned.

  1. My Pinterest Feed is filled with diet tips, clothes, recipes, new TV programs and of course Valentine's Day ideas.
  2. The TV commercials are filled with car ads.
  3. Jessica Simpson is boasting about her 50lbs lost on Weight Watchers. Wonder if they kicked her out like they did me when I announced baby #2? Yep, she's preggers again. Will Kim Kardashian be the next Weight Watchers post-baby celebrity?
  4. Non FDA approved drugs are appearing on TV telling me I can lose 35lbs of body fat in my midsection in two weeks. And perhaps look like I looked 20 years ago right out of high school.
  5. Honey Boo Boo's new series has started. People, stop the madness. Quit watching.
  6. The "maniac" was back on New Year's Day, and she's looking like she's never danced before.
  7. Casey Anthony. Do we care? I don't. Why should she make money off of what she did?
  8. "Sizing America, one bra at a time"- now this one could be interesting on Double Divas beginning on Jan 10. Did you know every woman should have 7 bras? Yep, one for every day of the week! And if you own just one it should be lacy and black. Yeah right, I'm thinking white and machine washable.
  9. My kids were extremely restless and were counting the days until they went back to school- okay maybe I made those marks on the calendar with the sharpie.
  10. No more Christmas music playing on the radio and no more sappy Christmas love stories on Lifetime. I miss these things. Guess I'll just have to tune into the Carrie Diaries and think SHOES!

Source: google.com via D'dee on Pinterest

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