We're Beliebers!

Mrs. Montgomery and I sucked it up took our girls to see Justin Bieber last week at the BOK in Tulsa. We met for dinner at El Guapo. Yum! 
We then headed over to the BOK to wait in the most ridiculous line EVA! Thankfully our littles were quite entertaining. 

Once inside, we immediately ran into to a sweet friend. 

One of these is not like the other. Oops! 

We were quite happy with our seats. HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure I might be willing to sell my right kidney or pimp out Mrs. Montgomery to get us seats at the stage next time. 

Mrs. Montgomery with her girls. (Doesn't she look "pimpable?")
Me with my little one. This girl is a true fan, through and through. 
Early in the concert, I posted the following on my FB page: 
If that girl thanked me once, she thanked me twenty times. She would literally scream, "I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN BEAVER!" over and over!  LOL! Yes, she still calls him Justin Beaver even though she's seen his movie countless times. At one point, she leaned over and told me she thought she was going to cry because she was so happy. She didn't ask for me to buy anything there, she was just thrilled to be there. I wouldn't trade anything for those moments that night. 

My teen and her best friend also were at the concert. They went with her friend's aunt and mom. Her aunt won tickets through a United Way drive at her work. They even got to sit in one of the suites. Before they went, they were so-so fans. After the concert, they were head-over-heels goo-goo-ga-ga over him. 
Here are a few of the pictures they took of the evening:
Lauren and my daughter, Courtney

Oh, yes! We do BELIEVE! 
Justin is truly and respectably talented. I will admit, it was the BEST concert I've seen and I've seen quite a few in my lifetime. The stage set, the lights, the dancers, EVERYTHING was over-the-top incredible. He played the guitar, the drums, the piano and danced liked no one's business. What an entertainer. 
My favorite picture of the night came when I looked over at Camryn and she was singing and making a little heart with her hands. It made me tear up. 

Were you at the concert? Do you have the Bieber Fever in your house? Are you a hater? 
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~Mrs. Albright

and the BEST mom in my daughter's eyes.

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