We all have friends from different walks of life, but there is always something special about people who knew you way back when.  They know who you were and who you are.

At least once a year, I try to get together with some of these girls to reconnect.  Some of our friends were unable to join us, so... darn... we will need to plan another trip!

Our group usually meets up in our hometown, Fort Worth.  This year, we decided to go to Napa Valley in California and it was deeeeeeelightful!  Kudos to Jen who made all of the arrangements for our trip and even got us some freebies thrown in.

We went to the smaller boutique wineries.  These were really fun because their wines are not available here in Okeelahoma.

Jessup Cellars
Wine tasting sheet at hope & grace
Handwritten (my favorite logo, by the way!)
Medlock Ames sells organic wine
At J Vineyards & Winery we went on a behind the scenes tour.  This is where I figured out why I like wine.  See those brown bags stacked on the left?  That's sugar.  
I like sugar.

J Vineyards & Winery
Besides sampling wines (yes, sampling - not chugging!) we snacked and ate and ate and snacked.  

Well, most of us anyway...
I loved learning what specific foods were paired with which wines.

Napa is a very calm and reserved area, but we still had plenty of time to be silly.

Because - why not?

Maybe next time we will be able to agree on the hotel room temperature.

But, I doubt it.

Fun fact - The 2012 Napa wines are expected to be phenomenal.  Be looking for them when they hit the shelves!

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