Did Someone Say... Snow?

Nothing gets an Okie more excited than talking about the weather.
A big storm headed our way means news updates every five minutes on the television.
I'm really not kidding.

If you aren't from here, you need to understand this fundamental Okie fact.

Last winter, we were disappointed in the lack of snow.  It was a devastating season.  But, hope springs eternal and the possibility of a snow day is still out there this winter.  As I type these words, snow is arriving in our area of the state and people are flooding the grocery stores for two items.  What two items?


Don't believe me?
He's hitting it a little too close to home.


The hilarity and honesty of it all hit as Michael and I went to the store to purchase... what?
You guessed it.


We documented this fine moment with a video of our own while strolling through our local Wal-Mart.

Mrs. Albright's daughter is a big fan of bread & milk.
Michael's video merited a video response of her own.

They've got this down.
When they grow up to be responsible Okie adults, they will be fully capable of taking their own panic-driven trip to the store when the 2 inch Snowpocalypse threatens their home and livelihood.  

For those of you enjoying a beautiful snow, please post your pictures on our Facebook page today!

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~ Mrs. Priss

Stocking up on hot chocolate supplies (and bread and milk) like...

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