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Are you like me in that you tend to visit lots of the same restaurants over and over? I love to try new places, but I tend not to try them unless I've heard from someone that it's worth trying. If you, too, are stuck in a rut answering, "Where should we go to dinner?" I've got the information you need! 

I started following the blog Dishin and Dishes at least 3 years ago. I quickly fell in love with Katie's writing, stories and recipes she shared with her readers. I really related to her and she was just so sweet. We soon were blog friends, then Twitter friends, then Facebook friends and then this past summer, real life friends! 

Katie and her husband, Denis, who she refers to everywhere as Mr. Wonderful met us and another couple at Iguana Grill in Oklahoma City. Just like I thought, we hit it off and couldn't wait to get together again. Our husbands even had things in common - that's always a plus! 

Katie and me at Iguana Grill in OKC 

Katie messaged me a couple of weeks ago letting me know she was going to be in Tulsa for some local T.V. interviews. Ohhhhh..... I should probably tell you a little more about Katie. Katie's blog is mostly about food. She's what we bloggers refer to as a foodie. She and her husband got in to going to restaurants in the greater Oklahoma City area and she would take pictures of her food and then blog about the restaurant. What is really, really cool is Katie was noticed for this and asked to join local station Freedom 43 TV on Rise & Shine. She has her own foodie segment where she talks about restaurants and cooks! How cool is that? I can say, I knew her when....  
I have just been so incredibly proud of her and being able to watch her climb has been fun. 

As if having your own little foodie segment on television wasn't enough, the girl went and wrote a book! Seriously. She makes most of us look like big, ol' slackers. Did I mention she also has a full-time job? Yep. The girl has got it going on. 

She wanted to get together for dinner while she was in Tulsa Monday night. I gathered a few of my dear friends and we met up at Cork Wine Cafe. I gave her several options of places and she chose The Cork. My friends and I love The Cork. We've held several of our RHOK events there. It's cozy and just lends itself to being a great place to visit and hang out. The food and drinks are yummy as well. 

Katie and her daughter, who attends a university in Tulsa, joined us. We had a great time visiting and laughing. When my close friends are around there is sure to be lots of laughing. Thankfully we didn't scare Katie or her daughter away. Ha! 

Katie Johnstonbaugh & me 

So sorry for the grain-y picture. The lighting was not the best in there.
Katie with me and several of my dearest friends. 

Katie was so thoughtful and brought me a copy of her new book, Food Lover's Guide to Oklahoma. Believe or not, she has eaten at Tulsa restaurants I'd never even heard of! I can't wait to work my way through her book and try out some new places. This book would be awesome for you to do the same and to give as gifts to those hard-to-buy-for family and friends. 

You can find Food Lovers' Guide to Oklahoma on Amazon.

If you live in the OKC area, be sure to catch Katie on Freedom43tv's Rise & Shine on Wednesday mornings.You should also follow her blog Dishin and Dishes and her Facebook page. I know you'll be loving you some Katie, too as soon as you do! 

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