I'm Doing it Again...

...because of this:

This is me Labor Day weekend 2011 at my first and ONLY 5K I have entered. One that I entered with absolutely ZERO training and ZERO motivation to do another one...

My Moma & Me after our 5K!

Me, Moma & my cousin Tonya!

...until NOW!

I'm doing it for my cousin Cody who has Esophageal Cancer and the many expenses associated with the fight of this disease.

I will be running along with the family members you see above along with hundreds of other family members and friends from my hometown and surrounding area for someone dear to us all. I think when you can place what someone else is going/gone through before your own you can press through anything.

I officially began my training Tuesday. No, I don't intend to place and who knows if I will even run the whole race, but I WILL be in better shape and health for it. I think probably that is the best overall gift of support I can give to my entire family, including Cody.

If you would like to join me or make a donation, click here.

And yes, I am now considering The Color Run and Warrior Dash- the Warrior Dash is going to include a wedding this year, my beautiful cousin Tonya, in the red above,  is going to tie the knot all muddy & sweaty, but that's another post and a lot of consideration for this girly RHOK Star!!

*Cody's Run
Cody’s Run is a non-profit, fund raising event to assist with cancer treatment expenses for 1996 Lone Grove Schools alum, Cody Dean Ponder.

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♥Mrs. Hart♥

who is pressing onward towards this great goal!!

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